Enjoy fresh, healthy food served with peace of mind. 

We believe delicious meals make people happier, healthier and more productive. We’ve introduced new technology to our markets, so your employees can enjoy fresh food with the convenience and safety of technology-based transactions.

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A fresh approach to workplace dining.

Whenever we can take steps to make dining better, we do it. Our markets offer chef-made and dietitian-driven food that’s fresher – and more delicious – than what you’d find in a vending machine, and our new, self-service design makes it easy and safe to pay through your 365Pay phone app or our kiosk and be on your way. 

Something for everyone, in every space. 

Something for everyone, in every space. 

Our markets are a great alternative or complement to a larger café, because they can be adapted to any breakroom or space. No matter their size, we keep markets stocked with a wide variety of fresh options, including familiar comfort foods, healthy selections curated by our dietitian and hundreds of snacks and beverages.


We’ve paired fast-food convenience with healthy, fresh-made food.

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Each of our freshly made items are sealed with our easily identifiable Executive Dining Express or Right Bite logos for healthy options that make eating right easy.

A long history of bringing people and food together.

This is what we’ve been doing for over 100 years – reinventing the way employees eat at work and improving it every day. We’ve seen how healthy food helps people feel and be their best. It’s why we’re the only local company making meals right here in St. Louis, because less time between our kitchen and your market means better, fresher meals. 

Keep your business, and people, on course. 

We care for people – and it shows. We’re bringing our expertise in fresh café food to smaller, more flexible market spaces. But don’t just take our word for it. Join us for a meal and taste for yourself. You’ll see firsthand the ease and convenience that our 365Pay app technology can bring your employees and feel peace of mind knowing you’re providing the safest way to purchase food.

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