The ingredients of a delicious partnership.

This isn’t just about food service, of course: it’s about increasing employee satisfaction. Building engagement. And bringing people together so they’re more productive. What’s the secret recipe that makes it all happen? Well, honest truth is, there isn’t one. Not a universal one, anyway.

No two companies are alike. No two cultures match. That’s why everything we do is custom.

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Eat well. Be happy. Be productive. A recent study shows happy employees are 12% more productive on the job.

Here’s a taste of what we can do.

Executive Dining Cafe
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“Our employees have commented on the improved presentation, quality and options of food… Best of all, they have shown their commitment to continually evaluate and modify their services to best fit our company’s needs.”
– Automotive component manufacturer and Executive Dining client


We’ll work with you to create an onsite dining experience that appeals to the full range of your employees’ tastes – and maybe even encourages them to explore a bit.

It’s delicious, chef-driven cuisine that’s cooked fresh, not defrosted. Our cooks do more by hand than anyone, from breading chicken fingers to making burger patties and grating cheese. It’s not the easy or cheapest way. But it’s the best way, and that’s why we do it.

Executive Dining Catering

Executive Dining Catering

“We’re doing more catering at our business locations, instead of using expensive outside catering services.”
– Biotech manufacturer and Executive Dining client


We’re your go-to team for special events, too. From white table cloth luncheons, to surprise parties, corporate meetings and even (of course) cookies for special occasions, we’ve got you covered.

We have partnerships with the best local vendors and coffee roasters, so you know it’s going to be good.

Executive Dining Vending

Executive Dining Coffee

“Our catering, cafeteria and vending sales are all up – and our subsidy cost is lower. Our employees, including senior executives, compliment the food quality and friendly services.”
– Apparel manufacturer and Executive Dining client

Vending & Coffee

Everyone needs a pick-me-up during the day. We’ll keep your machines stocked with the best snacks around. Our focus is on providing healthy, delicious fuel – including the occasional sweet treat.

We have partnerships with the best local vendors and coffee roasters, so you know it’s going to be good.

Executive Dining Nutrition

Executive Dining Nutrition

“With over 3,500 office and retail employees to serve, Executive Dining has exceeded our expectations regarding service, menu selections & nutritional offerings.”
– Property developer and Executive Dining client


Our in-house dietitian guides the creation of each menu, dividing foods into “Green” (eat often), “Yellow” (eat less often), and “Red” (eat even less often) to make it easy for employees to make healthy choices in the lunch line and beyond.

Executive Dining Fresh Food


“Executive Dining has been a tremendous asset in helping support our new Health and Wellness Program.”
– Biotech manufacturer and Executive Dining client

Nutritional Counseling

Ready to make healthy habits a part of your everyday workflow? Our in-house dietitian will hold group or one-on-one sessions with members of your team to help them learn how to select healthier foods everyday. It’s about a lifestyle – not a diet – so it leads to long-term results for your employees’ health – and your business.

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“The Executive Dining Team took great pains to ensure a pleasant transition and fulfill their promises. They put their depth of food service experience to work to help us improve service while looking for ways to manage and control costs.”
– Automotive component manufacturer and Executive Dining client


We’re always working to reduce our carbon footprint – and yours. That means being respectful of the environment around every turn – reducing energy use, cutting waste and recycling we can. But most of all, it means improving the quality of life for employees and the communities we serve.

The Pure Program collects fryer oil and turns it into biofuel – a source of renewable energy that’s used to heat homes, power cars and truck and fuel industrial boilers. Every gallon of recycled oil prevents 22 lbs. of pollutants from being released into the atmosphere. Last year, we recycled over 100,000 pounds of oil.

The Total Organics Recycling Program is a composting program that turns our unusable kitchen scraps into soil which can be used for landscaping or farm crops.

Throughout our entire operation, 98% of our paper goods are recyclable and compostable.

The value of partnership.

Right from the start, we’ll work as a true business partner to see how we can improve your business with the power of food. And then, we’ll do it – everything from planning your space and ordering the equipment to hiring and training the staff and promoting your café among your employees. We’re here to make it a success by every measure.


Need something? Have a problem? We’ll help and we’ll fix it, in no time, every time – guaranteed.

Taste and see.

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