Hi there and happy new year!

Whether you are one to continually work on your happiness and health each day of every year or a firm resolution each New Year, there is no doubt that goals are floating around the air – whether it is more movement, less sugar, less clutter, deeper breathe, less spending – each of us have set some goals for ourselves whether intentional or not. There is a certain feel in the air after the holidays to center in on oneself and set a focus or intention to tweak to enjoy life more fully.

So the question is not whether you set a resolution or what you set, but rather what habits do you wish to create in order to achieve that goal. What are the barriers that get in the way of creating a habit that would help you achieve that goal.
As an example – most of the people I speak with it is getting a healthy meal on the table at a reasonable time. All of my clients understand that cooking a meal at home and eating more vegetables would help them lead healthier lives. Most of my clients actually want to eat more vegetables and sit down to a meal at home rather than on the run. So if they know it’s better and they want to do it, what’s getting in the way of it happening? It’s the habits that have already been created in their day that they may not even be aware that they are habits. We all have them, but because they are each our own we may not have a clue. Maybe it’s the habit of staying at work until 7, not getting home until 8 and then being too exhausted to cook so you order something from door dash. Maybe it’s the habit of running around picking up carpools and dropping kids off at a variety of practices and eating while your driving from one to another. Maybe it’s the habit of meeting up with friends after work and eating happy hour appetizers as your meal. Each of these things happen and can disrupt our schedule every once in a while or even once weekly, but when they become the barrier to making a healthy dinner and enjoying it at home. So what do we do to end this cycle? Well, you can’t just leave your kids at practice, that’s for sure. And you likely don’t want to miss out on social outings or miss deadlines either.

The key is to create another habit that overrides some of the barriers. Chop all your veggies on Sunday so they are quicker to prep during the week. Make extra servings of a meal so that you can enjoy it as easy leftovers. Pack a dinner if you know you’re going to be working extra late or driving through dinner. Eat a healthy snack before happy hour so that you aren’t hungry for the appetizers and can enjoy your dinner at home.

Set yourself up with success with little daily habits that will lead to your goal.Here are a few resources and tools that may help with habit building.

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  • Utilize online resources such as meal prep sheets and habit trackers
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It’s not easy, but you’re not alone. Together, let’s create habits not resolutions.